What are your hourly rates?
We charge $80 dollars an hour.

Do you need an appointment?
We normally do not require appointments, except for Tinted Windows. We do however ask customers to call to see if we can allocate them, especially Fridays and Saturdays which are our busiest days.

How much does a remote start cost?

On our website, we have the prices that include basic installation as well as the different remote Kit configurations. However, newer cars normally need a bypass, which is not included in that price. Depending on your vehicle you might need the Blade-AL or the Blade-TB bypass module.

There is also the DC3, which is a newer more expensive remote start model but does not require an additional bypass because the remote start module itself is programmable.

The range and remote you want also affects the price.

What is a bypass?
A bypass is a module that essentially interfaces with your vehicle’s computer, allowing the aftermarket remote start to bypass your immobilizer to start your engine without having the key present in the car.

How much you charge for Tints?
We have 3 different types of tint film available: Regular, Carbon Fiber and Ceramic. Prices are for the entire vehicle except for the front windshield, the front windshield is separate.

Regular (Dyed Tint) is our most affordable option. Has Lifetime Warranty on Peels and Bubbles. It is NOT scratch resistant nor fade-resistant. Dyed window film is used primarily for appearance and only blocks some of the sunlight mainly due to its dye. Blocks 99% of UV rays, but tends to start to fade after 2 or 3 years.

Carbon Fiber is a very good upgrade. Has Lifetime Warranty on Peels, Bubbles, and Scratches. This film is scratch resistant and fade-resistant. Carbon film blocks from 30% to 80% of the infrared light which is the light that produces heat, depending on how dark the tint is, it also blocks 99% of UV rays.

Ceramic is the most luxurious upgrade. Has Lifetime Warranty on Peels, Bubbles, and Scratches. This film is scratch resistant and does not fade. It protects the vehicle from heat the most. Ceramic film cuts more than 87% infrared light (solar heat) regardless of tint darkness. Therefore it allows the maximum amount of comfort and visibility both in the day and at night. The ceramic film also blocks up to 99% to 100% of UV rays from entering the interior.

Car TypeRegularCarbon FiberCeramic
2-Dr Coupe$100+up$159+up$349+up
Small SUV$150+up$209+up$469+up
Large SUV/ Mini Vans$180+up$249+up$499+up
Extra Large SUV$200+up$279+up$599+up
Front Windshield$100+up$159+up$199+up

Most cars will be the starting price, some vehicles are harder to work on than others. Call or ask in chat to confirm your specific vehicle. Some Mercedes Benz for example require removing the door panels to install window film properly.

Find out more about Carbon Fiber and Ceramic film here.

Read about NYS Tinted Window laws here.

Can I add tints to my vehicle?
The laws for tinted windows vary by state for NYS please click here.